Complex Issues in High-Asset Divorce Cases

October 14, 2016
Faculty Member: Sonya K. Zeigler, New Jersey Family Lawyer

Facilitator: Diana Shepherd, CDFA®, Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine

When a lot of assets are at stake during a divorce, parties may be faced with having to handle complex issues -- including dividing marital property and keeping financial information private. Whether you have a high net worth, a business, or own numerous assets, you will gain a deeper understanding of what to expect as you go through the divorce process.

This session will discuss:

  • whether private business records and private financial records become public records during a divorce in New Jersey
  • how common financial misbehavior is during high-net-worth divorce cases 
  • the pitfalls someone should watch out for in the divorce process – particularly if there are a lot of assets at stake
  • whether or not professional practices such as a dentist, doctor, chiropractor, etc. are considered assets of the marriage
  • whether a non-business asset – such as a house, vacation property, or other real estate – that was inherited before marriage is still considered separate property
  • how stock options, bonuses, etc. are treated in a divorce settlement
  • how a financially inexperienced person can know if their spouse is being completely truthful in their financial disclosure.
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